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Uchaguzi mobilises citizens to be directly involved in protecting their vote and electoral process. The aim of Uchaguzi Kenya 2013 is to help Kenya have a free, fair, peaceful, and credible general election in 2013. You can find out more about Uchaguzi here. The Uchaguzi Situation Room is based … [Read more...]

Promulgation parade

During the promulgation ceremony the military showcased some of their hardware. We were promised a parade that would dazzle us. Not so. I hear the procession was eventually downgraded because of poor visibility, which made it impossible to show us the jets. Oh, well.. … [Read more...]

Promulgation rush

After an unsuccessful attempt to search Kenyans as they entered Uhuru Park for the promulgation ceremony, security forces sat back and watched as thousands of Kenyans jumped over barriers and dashed to the venue to watch proceedings. videos by harvesttone … [Read more...]

Kenya Decides 2010: ‘wamama wa nywele’

me hanging out in the CBD

If you've been to Kenyatta Market in Nairobi, you have definitely encountered 'wamama wa nywele' (hair ladies)hounding you to get your hair done. On the day of the referendum on the proposed Kenyan constitution, even they took time from their tireless marketing campaigns to vote. … [Read more...]

Kenya Decides 2010:The voter’s experience

X Domain and Kafu are presenters at Ghetto Radio 89.5FM. We caught them at their studio discussing Kenyan voters experiences on the day of the referendum on the proposed Kenyan constitution. … [Read more...]

Kenya Decides 2010:Good morning, World!

I had some time to put my feet up and enjoy the tranquility in town on the day of the referendum

Good morning, World! Today we woke up! We had a peaceful election yesterday and today we woke up to a second day of beautiful weather. It has been extremely cold this past week, but the sun was out yesterday, and today as well. There have been great reports coming in on uchaguzi, which … [Read more...]