The future of women’s rugby in Kenya

Kenya's Women's fifteens national team lifts the 2011 Elgon Cup

There is an aura of complacency surrounding women’s rugby in Kenya. It is now time to take steps to move it to the next level. Development of women’s rugby in Kenya has to become a matter of national concern. I want to be able to read about the girls’ rugby competition at the national secondary … [Read more...]

Tackling Kenyan rugby

Nairobi is one of the most prominent cities in Africa politically and financially. It is also a major international destination and a prominent social centre. With boundless energy coursing through its veins Nairobi is the epicentre of everything fun and festive in Kenya and subsequently the home of … [Read more...]

The Power of Sports

Sport is a lot more than dirty kit, sweaty bodies and broken bones. Sport has within it, the power to entertain and teach, and in the process create avenues for sustainable progression in communities. In Kenya the Rugby Super Series, brings together top players from the premier rugby clubs in the … [Read more...]