Goodbye Mr.President

Is Kibaki still president? Yes. But as we prepare to say goodbye to the president and his family, here are some of my memorable moments of the Kibaki presidency. 1. The 'First Lady' on economic dressing. 2. When the President signed into law a bill giving him a hefty retirement send off … [Read more...]

The great panties blast!

PadBank poster

Did you know that for many girls in Kenya, sanitary pads are an unaffordable luxury? Many girls miss many days of school because without pads, their monthly periods immobilise them. Others resort to recycling disposable pads or using handkerchiefs, or tissues or pieces of mattress. As if this … [Read more...]

Why I support Kenya28Feb

See more Kenya28Feb videos here. Record a video telling Kenya why you support Kenya28Feb and send it to for upload onto the official Kenya28Feb YouTube channel. Alternatively, upload it onto your YouTube channel and use the tag Kenya28Feb … [Read more...]

Stand For Kenya


On the 28th of February 2011 at 1pm Kenyans will unite to sing all three verses of our beautiful and powerful National Anthem. On the 28th February 2011 the world will watch as Kenyans stand UNITED; 1pm, 1 nation, 1 people, 1 anthem, united in 1 prayer for 1 Kenya. Visit the Kenya28Feb … [Read more...]

Promulgation parade

During the promulgation ceremony the military showcased some of their hardware. We were promised a parade that would dazzle us. Not so. I hear the procession was eventually downgraded because of poor visibility, which made it impossible to show us the jets. Oh, well.. … [Read more...]

Kenya Decides 2010:Thomas Omolo- Shoe-shiner. Voter.

Thomas Omolo is a shoe-shiner in Nairobi's Kenyatta market. Omolo voted at 6.30am before reporting to work. He is voting for change in his life and for future generations. … [Read more...]