The future of women’s rugby in Kenya

Kenya's Women's fifteens national team lifts the 2011 Elgon Cup

There is an aura of complacency surrounding women’s rugby in Kenya. It is now time to take steps to move it to the next level. Development of women’s rugby in Kenya has to become a matter of national concern. I want to be able to read about the girls’ rugby competition at the national secondary … [Read more...]

Feed a Kenyan

Everyday, millions of Kenyans go hungry. Three square meals a day has for a long time been a luxury to many. National and international press constantly report on the drought that is tormenting Kenyans; threatening the survival of families. Hunger … [Read more...]

Take Vince to India


This information was originally posted on this facebook event page. Vincent Asa Mutai Rob caught a chronic lung infection in May 2007 that not only claimed his left lung, but has also subjected him to seven (7) major thoracic surgeries, persistent respiratory system discomfort and pain. He … [Read more...]

Cool things to do with a head of cabbage

head of cabbage

Make cabbage juice Use them as bowling balls. You can use empty wine bottles for bowling pins Have a karate challenge and see who can split one cabbage into two pieces with their bare hands Compare it to the size of your head, just because you can. Play spin the bottle. If you’re it, take a … [Read more...]

Youth Initiatives-Kenya

Photo by mentalactobatics

What would your approach be if you wanted to find a way for Kenyan youth to be key partners in their own development and in the development of their communities? For Pamela Wesonga and Nynke Nauta their response was to form Youth Initiatives – Kenya. Youth Initiatives-Kenya, or YIKE as it is more … [Read more...]

After Kenya28Feb, what?

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On the 28th of February 2011 at 1pm many Kenyans united to sing all three verses of our beautiful and powerful National Anthem. 1pm, 1 nation, 1 people, 1 anthem, united in 1 prayer for 1 Kenya We had no agenda other than to sing the national anthem and to unite with other Kenyans to do … [Read more...]