Goodbye Mr.President

Is Kibaki still president? Yes. But as we prepare to say goodbye to the president and his family, here are some of my memorable moments of the Kibaki presidency. 1. The 'First Lady' on economic dressing. 2. When the President signed into law a bill giving him a hefty retirement send off … [Read more...]

Feed a Kenyan

Everyday, millions of Kenyans go hungry. Three square meals a day has for a long time been a luxury to many. National and international press constantly report on the drought that is tormenting Kenyans; threatening the survival of families. Hunger … [Read more...]

Take Vince to India


This information was originally posted on this facebook event page. Vincent Asa Mutai Rob caught a chronic lung infection in May 2007 that not only claimed his left lung, but has also subjected him to seven (7) major thoracic surgeries, persistent respiratory system discomfort and pain. He … [Read more...]

Why I support Kenya28Feb

See more Kenya28Feb videos here. Record a video telling Kenya why you support Kenya28Feb and send it to for upload onto the official Kenya28Feb YouTube channel. Alternatively, upload it onto your YouTube channel and use the tag Kenya28Feb … [Read more...]

Dec17Kenya: Mary-Stripper/Sex worker

Mary the Night Nurse has been a stripper and a sex worker since 2005. She is a mother of four. Her body is her office. Mary and her children face discrimination every day because of her job. Her clients, she says are the same people who talk down to her in public, degrade her and accuse … [Read more...]

Dec17Kenya: Are sex workers vectors of disease?

On 17th December, 2010, Dec17Kenya organisers addressed a press conference at the Sarakasi Dome to talk about the importance of marking the International day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. In this video, Zawadi Nyong'o dispels the myth that all sex workers are vectors of disease … [Read more...]