I Am The Humming Bird

I Am The Humming Bird

On 28th October, 2011, I will pay homage to Mama Wangari Maathai, and to her determination to make the world a more peaceful, healthier place. On 28th October, 2011, I will honour Mama Wangari Maathai by doing that which she loved most; planting trees. On 28th October, 2011, I will begin to … [Read more...]

The great panties blast!

PadBank poster

Did you know that for many girls in Kenya, sanitary pads are an unaffordable luxury? Many girls miss many days of school because without pads, their monthly periods immobilise them. Others resort to recycling disposable pads or using handkerchiefs, or tissues or pieces of mattress. As if this … [Read more...]

Feed a Kenyan

Everyday, millions of Kenyans go hungry. Three square meals a day has for a long time been a luxury to many. National and international press constantly report on the drought that is tormenting Kenyans; threatening the survival of families. http://youtu.be/unxkN3xgf3o Hunger … [Read more...]

Take Vince to India


This information was originally posted on this facebook event page. Vincent Asa Mutai Rob caught a chronic lung infection in May 2007 that not only claimed his left lung, but has also subjected him to seven (7) major thoracic surgeries, persistent respiratory system discomfort and pain. He … [Read more...]